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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

a perfect fit

i did this before going out to lunch. i was going to call this 'paw prints' because of a cats paw on my fresh calico...

this would look good with square blocks, also with a mix of brick and squared...then you could take the lid off and work colours only. like making a red and white dear jane quilt, a red and white wall, all green, any single colour. what about a prayer wall?
how about a flags of the world? i am still hooked on grey, especially one with lichen.
or little flowers sticking out. embroidered on, then. i can't get away from the thought of the wall outside our house. and the thought came to me as i walked home of satin stitching the flowers on to calico/or lazy-daisying them on.

and i think i will just share these other photos with you. the sun caught a spider's web and lit it with the many colours of the rainbow...

and a lovely one of another wall...



  1. This quilt top would indeed be even more beautiful with embroidered flowers, as you have flowers in the various motifs. :-)

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, France. I hope this is going to be alright.

  2. Such a pretty post, dear Jacqui! Those patches are coming along nicely and the buttons dress it up so sweetly. Thanks for sharing the photos of the world outside where you are!

  3. That is nice of you to say so, thank you, Lorna. Below the last wall is the Brook which flows the length of the town, sometimes underneath buildings, too, then out into the sea. There are ducks and at some time there is a duck race with little plastic see which one wins.



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